Wee Jock (peacefultiger) wrote in ninjaprose,
Wee Jock

Shadows of Iga

Without a sound
He arrived at the Castle
Crouching in the long tall grass
Treading lightly on the ground.

Not a sound was heard
When he climbed the wall
Using his rope grappling hook type thingy
Being careful not to fall

Up on the ledge he peered down
There was a guard talking to another about football
Standing next to a hedge
All dressed in brown

He had to get to the castle
And as they passed the time of day
He stalked, didn't run, didn't walk
Silently past them without delay

With a swoosh the door slid back
A big black figure with a great big sword
It swooshed down in a frenzied attack
Taking the bastards head off

...Can anyone think of anything that rhymes with purple?
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