Wee Jock (peacefultiger) wrote in ninjaprose,
Wee Jock

ROGUE NINJA II : Resurrection

This is a modern story about seventeen active ninja who were once members of a community but were outcast by it's notorious leader.

One day, hmmm, let's say it was a Sunday and it was in April...the 4th in fact, of this year. Jeff changes the rules and turns the community into nothing more than a 'looks' ratings community. Then he decides to have a major purge and get rid of some of the best members of Mad Ninja Skill, including the two moderators.

Well guess what?, they're back.

We are the Ninja, the Ronin and the Yamabushi. We are the underdog, we are the ones who take refuge in the mountainous regions of Livejournal to avoid the vicious onslaught of evil maintainers who are all too ready to chop, refuse, ban and deny.

Have you ever been denied by any ratings community?, why not take refuge in ours.

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