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This community provides a place for any ninja, cowboy, pirate, gangster, or zombie writings that you may have. Please, always consider this site as R rated... that way if somebody says something naughty there won't be any issues.

We have some community rules they are as follows:

#1 - All posts must in some way be about ninjas, cowboys, pirates, gangsters, or zombies.

#2 - Under no condition can any of the aforementioned groups be cooperating together, as this is a cardinal sin in the world of the ninja/cowboy/pirates/gangsters/zombies. That is unless they have temprorarily banded together to fight a greater threat. Example: A giant motherfuckin' dinosaur would be an large enough threat to make them temporarily put aside their differences.

#3 - Dinosaurs are great and terrible.

#4 - Ultimately we are all artists, so we shouldn't feel restricted by the rules.

You will notice that there are only four rules... unlike the ten commandments, we don't want to get bogged down in red tape.

Our rules... ROCK!

Your moderators are: